50 N adjustable test hook

Used for securely holding smaller crimp terminals for tests to BSI spec. BS 5G 178 Part 1 and equivalent international standards.

5 kN wedge grip

This wedge grip is ideal for gripping terminal blades. As load is applied, the wedge action of the jaws ensures the sample is held rigidly without slippage. Max. jaw capacity 8 mm.

1 kN cable cam grip

For holding insulated cables and wire to 5 mm diameter. The sample is secured by the cam, which self-tightens as load is applied and spreads the load evenly.

1 kN rotating crimp receptacle

A versatile crimp termination holder that accommodates a wide range of terminals. The inner slotted ring rotates to adjust to fit 8 cable diameters, 1.5 to 5 mm. Used for BS 5G 178-1 and equivalent international standard test methods.

Calibration verification rig

Mounting bracket for the CrimpTest-1 kN, for checking the loadcell calibration is within tolerance. Supplied with all necessary bolts and two clamps, and instructions for use. A locally-calibrated mass hanger and mass set must be procured separately.

WTST 2.5 kN Pull Tester

The Wire Terminal Strength Tester (WTST 2.5 kN) provides high accuracy and repeatability when performing pull out tests on crimped, soldered and welded joints up to 2.5 kN (550 lbf). The motorised drive system of this pull tester ensures that there is no sudden application of force or jerking during the test and an easily-operated touch screen display allows fast, efficient testing by operators in a production environment.