WTST higher capacity testers
Systems suitable for 10 kN to 50 kN
WTST higher capacity testers
Interlocked safety guard options
WTST higher capacity testers
Clear pass/fail indication
Hold to a load
WTST higher capacity testers
WTST higher capacity testers
Live graph and results display

The high capacity, twin-column Wire Terminal Strength Testers from Mecmesin are available in 3 capacities from 10 kN to 50 kN for testing a wide range of crimped, soldered and welded terminals. Ideally suited for large terminals and wires as used in applications such as automotive (battery terminals), rail, marine and construction equipment. These twin-column pull testers accept standard and customised fixtures and are fully programmable for both destructive and non-destructive testing.

One press of the rugged touch-screen selects the appropriate test program, and one more launches the test. The WTST 10, 25 and 50 kN systems automatically detect a terminal or cable break, or hold to a load limit. Live graphing shows exactly how forces are changing, for examination and analysis.

WTST series control console
  •  Suitable for AWG 2000 to 40 in crimp or splice formations
  •  Systems suitable for 10 kN to 50 kN
  •  Simple operation, minimal training required
  •  One touch to select a program + one touch to start the test
  •  Automatic break detection and crosshead return saves testing time
  •  Hold to a load limit for a specified time
  •  Clear pass/fail indication
  •  Live graph and results display
  •  Calculations and basic statistics
  •  Full report and data export
  •  Rugged, clear touch screen for production environment
WTST 25 kN with safety guard
  •  3 models: 10 kN (2200 lbf), 25 kN (5500 lbf) and 50 kN (11000 lbf) capacities
  •  Loadcell measurement accuracy: : ±0.2% f.s.
  •   Speed range: 1 - 1000 mm/min (40 in/min)
  •   ±0.2% of indicated speed or ±20 µ/min, whichever is greater. (See for additional info.)
  •  Dimensions and weight: see brochure for each model
  •  Power supply: 240 V AC 50 Hz / 100 V AC 60 Hz
  •  WTST 25 kN loadcell and wedge gripChoice of loadcells from 5 kN to 50 kN, accurate to ±0.2% f.s.

WTST 50 kN pull testing cable transitsThe higher capacity WTST systems are versatile and fully-programmable tensile and compression testers, equally suited to a wide variety of force testing, for which a complete range of accessories is available. Typical related uses include:

  •  Electromagnet testing
  •  Tensile strength of wires, cables and supporting structures
  •  Cable ways, transits and seals
  •  Tensile, compressive and shear strength of insulators

Higher capacity testers accessories

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