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Wire Terminal
Strength Tester
MultiTest-dV 2.5 kN pull tester

Motorised wire terminal tester designed for ease of use and rapid throughput.

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WTST-dV 2.5 kN
Simple to operate: just four buttons, and precision wheel for all settings
Single button press to test
WTST-dV 2.5 kN
WTST-dV 2.5 kN
Automatic return at break

Our entry-level Wire Terminal Strength Tester (WTST-dV 2.5 kN) provides a cost-effective solution for performing pull-out tests on crimped, soldered or ultrasonically-welded joints.

International test standards generally stipulate that terminals must be pulled to destruction at a uniform pull speed of between 25 to 50 mm/min, which requires the use of a motorised test system.

The WTST-dV 2.5 kN ensures that these requirements are met, providing high accuracy with repeatability and reliability of results.

Peak pull-off loads are measured using the the Touchscreen (VFG) or Advanced Force Gauge (AFG) available in 10 capacities to suit AWG sizes from 4 to 40.

Key features

image WTST-dV 2.5 control panel

  •  Press a single button to start the pull out test
  •  Automatic return at break saves testing time
  •  Clear colour display of pull off load and speed
  •  Pass/fail indicator based on allowable limits
  •  Suitable for wires with a maximum diameter of 7 mm (AWG 4 to 40) in crimp or splice formations
  •  Suitable for typical tab sizes 2.8 to 9.5 mm wide
  •  Rugged design with small footprint fits easily on any bench

System specification

  •  2.5 kN (550 lbf) capacity
  •  Accuracy: +/- 0.1% of gauge capacity
  •  Speed range: 0.1 to 1200 mm/min (0.004 to 47.2 in/min)
  •  Better than ±2% of indicated speed or ±20 µ/min, whichever is greater. (See for additional info.)
  •  RS232 data output to PC, printer or SPC systems
  •  Dimensions: H × W × D, 941 × 290 × 414 mm (37 × 11.4 × 16.3 in)
  •  Weight: 24 kg (53 lb)
  •  Power supply: 240 V AC 50 Hz / 100 V AC 60 Hz

Force gauges

  • Touchscreen Force Gauge (VFG) - 10 models from 2.5N to 2500 N
  • Advanced Force Gauge (AFG) - 10 models from 2.5N to 2500 N
  • Gauge load accuracy: ±0.1% f.s.
  • Records peak values, and indicates pass/fail according to pre-set limits

Optional software

Add VectorPro™ Lite software to:

  •  print reports and export results to Excel©
  •  store all your test routines and allowable limits for instant recall
  •  add real-time graph plotting and compare samples
  •  see test results and a simple statistical analysis
  •  maintain user accounts for security and operator identification.

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