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Experts in crimp testing

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Mecmesin is your specialist in affordable pull testers for wire terminal strength

A leading designer and manufacturer of pull testing equipment for over 40 years, Mecmesin has helped thousands of companies to achieve enhanced quality control standards when testing the mechanical strength properties of crimped, soldered and welded terminals.

Manufactured under strict ISO 9001 quality standards, Mecmesin's wire terminal strength test equipment (also known as pull testers) are highly accurate, reliable and provide excellent value for money.

Our pull testers are rated between 2.5 to 50 kN (550 -11,000 lbf)..

Mecmesin pull testers are suitable for destructive tensile testing of wire terminals, splices and cable ties. Our WTST product range is also able to 'hold a load' and as well as testing the insertion and extraction forces of connectors.

Why choose Mecmesin?

Mecmesin pull testers enable you to:

  •  prove conformance to test standards
  •  guarantee quality assurance to your customers
  •  identify tool calibration drift as early as possible
  •  identify problems in production process (eg cut strands in stripping process, incorrect crimp height ..)
  •  increase production efficiency by minimising manufacture of out-of-specification parts 

Quality is key

Over or under crimping often results in expensive product failure, re-call or re-work.

Crimp joint testing ensures the integrity of the final product but, more importantly it ensures the effectiveness of the crimping tool itself, as it can be calibrated according to test results.

Delivering engineering excellence

Mecmesin designs force and torque systems to your exact requirements.

Our solutions mean you can apply industry standard test methods for quality control, during design and routine testing on the production line.

Committed to customer satisfaction

We understand our customers, having designed and manufactured force and torque testing equipment for over 40 years.

Mecmesin provides a comprehensive service to make sure you get the right solution for your testing and your budget.

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