Delivering Engineering Excellence
Over or under crimping often results in expensive product failure, re-call or re-work. Using a Mecmesin wire terminal strength tester ensures the integrity of your final product but, more importantly, it ensures the effectiveness of the crimping tool itself, since it can be calibrated according to test results
Experts in Wire Terminal Strength Testing
Mecmesin has been involved in the supply of wire terminal strength testers for over 39 years and have a comprehensive range of standard machines from 5 N - 50 kN and dedicated accessories designed to meet all requirements
Supplier of Choice
At Mecmesin our focus has always been the provision of high quality test solutions as an affordable alternative to more expensive systems. This enables small and large businesses alike to undertake quality control tests on their products without compromising on precision and accuracy
Global company
Mecmesin is headquartered in the UK , but we also have a North American headquarters in Sterling, Virginia and sales offices in France, Germany, Thailand and China. In addition we are represented by a global network of distributors in more than 50 countries, who provide technical expertise and after-sales support to customers locally
Training and Support Services
To ensure your tests get underway smoothly, whilst maintaining optimum performance of your Mecmesin product, we offer a range of services. Once you have purchased a Mecmesin crimp tester one of our technical sales engineers or a representative will visit you to install the product and train your personnel to use the product effectively for your application testing needs.
Comprehensive Calibration Services
Calibration, Service and Repair - Offering our customers the highest level of ongoing support and after sales service. Our calibration services ensure you can use Mecmesin products to obtain the accurate test results you need. We can undertake an on-site verification service at your premises, saving you time and money, or, alternatively, can perform a comprehensive calibration service at our headquarters in the UK.
Custom-design Grips and Fixture Service
If you have a sample that cannot be accomodated with one of our standard grips or fixtures, our expert-in-house engineering team can design bespoke and innovative grips and fixtures to your exact requirements, assuring axial alignment, secure holding and minimal deformation.

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Newton House, Head Office of Mecmesin Ltd

Mecmesin - Wire terminal strength solutions for results you can trust

Since 1977 Mecmesin has been designing reliable force, materials and torque testing solutions for quality control, so our customers around the world can achieve consistent and accurate test results, every time.

Operating under strict ISO 9001 quality standards Mecmesin products are used to guarantee the quality of components, materials and finished products for an extensive range of test applications across all industries.

Our focus has always been the provision of high quality test solutions as an affordable alternative to the expensive systems available. This enables small and large businesses alike to undertake quality control tests on their products without compromising on precision and accuracy.

The rugged design of our systems means that they can withstand tough factory conditions. Tests can be performed at the point of production rather than having to use expensive laboratories to ensure consistent manufacture. From the production line to the factory floor, through to QA and R&D Laboratories, our customers rely on Mecmesin products to ensure:

  • product quality
  • cost savings
  • optimised design
  • optimum performance
  • efficient production
  • minimum wastage
  • conformance to standards

Mecmesin provides high-quality testing solutions, that deliver outstanding performance and longevity, as well as an affordable alternative to many higher-priced systems on the market.

This enables businesses, small and large, to perform quality checks on their components, materials and products, without compromising on precision or accuracy.

A global company

Mecmesin is a part of the Physical Properties Testers (PPT) Group, a multi-national holding company.

Mecmesin is an international company with group headquarters in the United Kingdom. We also have a North American headquarters in Sterling, Virginia, as well as offices in France, Germany, China and Thailand.

Additionally, Mecmesin is represented by a global network of exclusive distributors in over 50 countries, providing customers with local technical expertise, training, application and after-sales support.