Motorised pull testers guarantee compliance with international or industrial standards by applying a constant and measured pull rate. Software control enables different test routines to be called on, followed by data acquisition, live graphing and results calculation as required.

Whilst smaller bench testers offer convenience for constant use and batch processing, Mecmesin vertical wire terminal strength testers offer a number of additional advantages:

  • higher load capacities (2.5 kN to 50 kN)
  • versatility of fixturing and alternative use
  • pre-programmed test routines
  • hold at load (models above the WTST-dV)
  • live graphing, full data capture and analysis

Based on the proven MultiTest range, these robust testers are very simple to use but accurate instruments, from the affordable WTST-dV to the twin-column WTST rated up to 50 kN.














WTST-dV 2.5 kN WTST 2.5 kN WTST 25 kN

WTST 2.5-dV

WTST 2.5 kN


Higher capacity testers